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Artisan of Beauty Before and After Photos
Artisan of Beauty Before and After Photos
Dr Tim Neavin
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Dr Tim Neavin

Lines, Lashes, and Circles

Beautiful Eyes

Beautiful eyes are not just about color.  When we think about beautiful eyes we must consider their accessories.

Lines, Lashes & Circles

Lines, lashes, circles. When you think of your eyes, consider these three words. The components of an aged periorbital region (area around the eyes) can be described by looking at wrinkles, lash fullness and length, and hollowing. We could even add a fourth component: Eyebrows.  However, eyebrows will be left for another blog.


Men and women generally focus in the lines. That is, the wrinkles. Perhaps, that’s because the lines often come first, (AKA crow’s feet). And wrinkles do carry a stigma of aging.

However, an aged appearance around the eyes rarely can be completely addressed by erasing wrinkles with Botox®. Hollowed out eyes with no wrinkles are still old appearing eyes.  This is brings us to circles.


Circles of volume depletion around the eye can be filled with products like Juvederm®, Restylane®, or your own fat. Fat grafting is often the procedure of choice to restore a rested appearance to the eye area . Sometimes fat grafting is combined with blepharoplasty (the removal of bags under the eye).


Lash length and density can be restored with Latisse®, a topical medication that grows lashes to record lengths. The generic drug is called Bimatoprost.  With reduced wrinkles, fullness around the eye, and beautiful, long lashes, you have the recipe for young, rested eyes.