PermaLip implants are designed to create fuller lips while maintaining the natural shape and movement of the mouth. They are made of soft silicone. Dr. Neavin places the PermaLip permanent lip implants under local anesthesia in the office in under an hour.

sketch of the permalip implant before and after results
The PermaLip implant sits at the kincture of the skin and mucosa of the lip to maximize lip projection and lip curl.

PermaLip implants come in three sizes: 3 mm, 4 mm, and 5 mm. They are used for both the upper lip and lower lip.

PermaLip permanent lip augmentation has become increasingly popular over the last several years.  While hyaluronic acid products such as Restylane ® and Juvederm ® have proven to be safe and effective products for enhancing the lips, they are temporary.  Dermal fillers for lip augmentation last on average about six months.  

PermaLip permanent lip implants can prove to be a cost saving strategy for men and women who find themselves visiting their plastic surgery once or twice a year for several years.  Lip augmentation with these soft silicone implants obviate the need for recurrent trips to their doctor.  

Not to be confused with silicone injections which became an unfortunate fad a few decades ago, PermaLip implants are easily reversible.  They are easy to place, easy to remove, and easy to replace if desired.  

The Procedure

PermaLip lip augmentation is most commonly performed under local anesthesia.  Nerve blocks are performed and local anesthesia is injected into the corner of the mouth.  From a 5 mm incision, a tunnel is created just beneath the lip where the mucosa meets the skin. Once the tunnel is completed, an incision is made in the opposite corner of the mouth.  The PermaLip implant is grasped and the implant is tugged into the tunnel.  The incisions are closed with a single absorbable stitch.


The best candidates for PermaLip implants are men and women who want a permanent procedure to obtain fuller lips.   They should be in reasonably good health.  


The cost for upper and lower PermaLip permanent lip implants is $5,500.

PermaLip FAQ

How much do permanent lip implants cost?

The procedure, including the cost of the implants, is $5,500 for upper and lower lips.

Are there permanent lip fillers?

No.  There are no permanent lip fillers available.  The only safe and effective permanent lip enhancement procedures include fat transfer, PermaLip lip implants, and lip lift surgery.

What are lip implants made of?

PermaLip lip implants are made of a soft silicone.

How do lip implants work?

The lip implants are placed under the tissues where the mucosa meets the skin.  The are soft enough to not interfere with motions of the lips, yet firm enough to produce more fullness.

The video below demonstrates the PermaLip Permanent Lip Implant Procedure:


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