Options for Fuller Lips

Lip augmentation remains a popular cosmetic procedure. Here are a few facts about the options that exist for fuller lips.

Temporary Options

By far, the most common way plastic surgeons enhance lips are is with dermal fillers.  Hyaluronic based products such as Restylane and Juvederm remain the most popular choices for lip augmentation.  They are safe and predictable.  While they don’t last forever, they can add volume for up to eight months in many cases.

Once injected, the product can become firm or lumpy.  Thus, your doctor may are encourage you to massage your lips for a few weeks following the injection.  This helps soften and smooth out the product. In unusual cases where the product doesn’t integrate as planned and looks asymmetric, touch ups can easily be performed. It is of reassurance value that patients know that your plastic surgeon can dissolve the product  in the office if the results aren’t pleasing. Thankfully, this is a rare decision.

Below is an example of lip augmentation using Juvederm.

Permanent Options

Silicone lip implants are available for permanent lip augmentation.  Implants come is various sizes, ranging from 3 mm to 5 mm in thickness.  With a very small incision in the corner of the mouth, the surgeon easily be places the implants under local anesthesia in the office.  And, they are easily removable if a patient decides it isn’t for him or her. The results look very natural and offer subtle but significant lip enhancement.   Frequently, one  combines lip implants with dermal fillers to add temporary enhancement to their permanent augmentation.

Of note, silicone lip implants is not the same as silicone injections. Silicone injections were at one point popular.  However, after complications such as granulomas became apparent, this procedure was banned.  Nowadays, it isn’t uncommon for patients to have the lips reshaped after silicone injection given the deformities that they can create.

A lip lift is another way to enhance upper lip fullness.  With age, the upper lip elongates and involutes. A small incision along the base of the nose allows the plastic surgeon to remove excess skin and suspend the lip higher on the face. When the skin is excised, the upper lip essentially rolls up to expose more red mucosa.    The lip lift is a safe and easy surgery that the plastic surgeon can perform in the office under local anesthesia.

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lip enhancement

Lip augmentation with 1 cc of Juvederm



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