Painless Botox by Dr. Tim Neavin

Painless Botox by Dr. Tim Neavin

Botox, Juvederm, and numerous fillers for facial rejuvenation are injected through a very, very small needle. However, our face is filled is filled with nerve endings. Even the smallest needles can cause pain or discomfort. While everyone has different pain thresholds, it is rare for anyone to actually enjoy an injection. I have used both ice and topical creams for years in my practice to reduce the discomfort of injections. Sometimes these modalities work well. Other times they have little to no effect. And rarely, the topical creams cause allergic reactions. I have seen 2 such reactions in the last 4 years. Allergic reactions to topical anesthetic agents can cause intense redness that can last for one to three days. This isn’t fun, and often requires medication to calm down the reaction.

Today, I used for the first time a safe, painless anesthetic device that uses intense vibration to anesthetize the nerves around the area of injection. The device is simply placed directly onto the area of injection, and is activated with a small button for the injection. The vibrations may tickle a little, and the injections can make even the biggies sissies into heroes. The result is painless Botox, and painless Juvederm, Restylane, Radiesse, Perlane, and an other filler placed into folds or the face. I have not yet used the device on the lips because I need my other hand free for lip enhancement injections. However, with an assistant, the device may also have a role for lip augmentation.

So if it is potential pain or discomfort that is driving you away from some wrinkle reduction injections or hollowed out under eyes, fear no more!

Painless Botox and Juvederm is available at Artisan of Beauty Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Tim Neavin is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who specializes in minimally invasive facial reshaping.
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