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Dr Tim Neavin
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Dr Tim Neavin

Breast Augmentation in Santa Barbara, CA

Dr. Tim Neavin is a board certified plastic surgeon with the skills, experience, and artistic eye to provide you with natural-looking breast augmentation results. Dr. Neavin one of the best board-certified plastic surgeons performing breast surgery in the Santa Barbara area; he is known for excellence and results. With years of experience and dedication to patient satisfaction, he uses advanced techniques and implants to enhance curves, restore volume, or improve symmetry for the beautiful results you deserve.


What is Breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation is a popular plastic surgery procedure to enhance size and improve the shape of your breasts. It’s considered the most popular surgery for women and can produce some of the most dramatic transformations.

Here are the benefits will you enjoy after a Breast augmentation

Enhanced Volume

If you  lack volume will enjoy a fuller and more proportionate look. Breast implants will increase volume which will result in a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Improving Shape and Profile

Implants will significantly enhance your shape and profile. If you have asymmetrical breasts, you will enjoy the benefit of implants correcting the imbalance. The specific implant size and implant placement will help create symmetry.

Corrects Sagging

If you suffer from drooping or sagging due to weight loss, aging, or loss of volume after pregnancy, a breast lift combined with an augmentation will restore firmness and rejuvenate the breasts.

Improved Self Confidence

If the size of your breasts is causing you to have low self-confidence or self-esteem, implants can fix both and have you feeling more confident in your body and clothes.

Overall, enhancing your bust size provides one of the most dramatic changes of all cosmetic procedures. Most women experience nothing but a positive impact as they pursue on their aesthetic goals.

Types of Breast Implants

The decision of which type of implant for your “boob job” will depend on your aesthetic goals. Each will have pros and cons. The most common types of implants are saline and silicone.

Saline Implants

Saline implants are filled with sterile saltwater solution after being placed inside the breast pocket. They are typically inserted empty, then filled to the desired size. Saline implants are known for their safety because the body can absorb the saline solution and they cost much less than other variants. One other advantage is that they are much easier to adjust after surgery to correct any asymmetry or unevenness.

Silicone Implants

Silicone implants are filled with a silicone gel that mimics the feel of natural tissue. Silicone gel implants commonly considered superior to any other implant because they feel more natural than saline implants. On the contrary, if they do ever rupture, silicone implants need to be removed and replaced immediately because the body is unable to absorb the silicone gel.

Gummy Bear Implants

Cohesive gel implants, also known as gummy bear implants, are made of a thicker silicone gel that maintains its shape even if the implant shell is broken. This makes them less likely to leak or rupture but also means they require a slightly larger incision for placement.

Implant Placement

There are two primary surgical techniques of where of placement the implants can be placed. Choosing the insertion location of the implant will come down to a number of factors including:

  • implant size
  • body type
  • implant type

The options available are: Submuscular (also known as subpectoral) and subglandular (also known as submammary or over the chest muscles).


This technique involves the implants to be positioned beneath the pectoral muscle. This results in a more natural-looking and feeling outcome. If you have thinner tissue, this placement method will be the best option.


Dr. Tim Neavin will place the implants behind the breast tissue and over the pec muscle with a subglandular placement. it allows a quick recovery time and best if you already have sufficient breast tissue. Additionally, if you play sports, this placement option is the better choice.

Surgical Incisions

There are several different incision locations that can be used to insert the implant:

Inframammary incision

The incision is made along the natural fold underneath, also known as “breast crease.” The surgeon has the most precise implant placement using this technique and the scars are hidden within the fold. It is the most common incision location.

Transumbilical Incision

Also known as “TUBA” this incision is made at the belly button. For patients that want the least visible scarring, it is a good option however it is the least common approach and it is not recommended. 

Transaxillary incision

This approach is when an incision is made at the natural crease of the armpit. From there, the surgeon will create a tunnel all the way to the breast area. It allows for no scarring to be visible but implant placement becomes more difficult. 


Periareolar incision

This technique is when the incision is made right at the lower edge of the areola, where the darker skin meets the lighter skin of the breast. Many patients prefer this incision as it does a good job of concealing the scar while still allowing for precising implant placement and positioning. The disadvantage is that if you plan on breastfeeding, there might be potential changes in nipple sensation compared to other incision locations. 


Recovery after surgery

The procedure is an outpatient procedure and normally patients can go home the same day. Patients will experience some swelling and discomfort after their surgery. Dr. Neavin will provide his patients with a prescription for pain medication so that you are comfortable throughout your  recovery. A surgical bra (compression garment) should be worn to ease the swelling. 

Additionally, it is important that you care for your surgical incisions by cleaning them gently and applying dressing and ointments. 

Strenuous activity should be avoided for at least the first few weeks. Patients can return to normal activity once they feel capable of moving around without pain, which usually happens after the first week or two. 

It is critical for all patients to follow proper instructions throughout the recovery process. This will allow patients to have the best results possible. 

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    Risks & Complications You Need to Know

    Any aesthetic surgery poses some risk. Dr. Neavin will always use the safest method approach to breast augmentation to provide the best surgical experience. However, it is important to discuss a few risks that might be involved.

    Surgery risks such as infection and poor scarring can be treated. However, most patients worry most about capsule contracture when it comes to breast augmentation complications.

    Why choose Dr. Neavin as your breast surgeon?

    Choosing the right plastic surgeon can be one of the most important decisions that can impact the results of your procedure. Dr. Neavin has extensive experience performing breast augmentation surgery. His reputation for producing results that match your natural appearance is second to none. He has helped many women achieve the body of their dreams. 

    When choosing Dr. Neavin, you know you are in good hands the second you meet him during your initial consultation. He takes the time to understand your goals and works with you to make sure the entire procedure is customized to your goals. He also uses the latest technology and techniques so that you receive the best possible outcome and care.

    Schedule a consultation with Dr. Neavin today by filling out our contact form or calling our office.

    The cost of Breast Augmentation in Santa Barbara

    The cost of breast augmentation in Santa Barbara, CA ranges from $9,000-$12,000+. It includes the surgeon’s fees, anesthesia, facility fees, and follow-up visits.

    As a reminder, the cost will vary on several factors such as implants used, location of the practice, etc… Dr. Neavin will go through specifics during your consultation.

    Financing Your Implants

    You can finance your surgery with financing companies such as CareCredit and Prosper Healthcare Lending. These financing options offer a range of payment plans for different budgets and credit scores, with options for low monthly payments and even interest-free plans. Our staff can help you navigate the financing process and determine which option is right for you.

    Schedule Your Consultation

    If you are ready to schedule your consultation appointment, Dr. Neavin accepts patients at his Santa Barbara office. 

    During your consultation, Dr. Neavin will go over your goals and preferences. He will also conduct a physical exam and discuss your medical history to make sure you are a good and healthy candidate for the procedure. Dr. Neavin will provide you with his recommendations on which implants, incision areas, and implant placement are best for you and your body.


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    In most cases, the placement of the implant does not interfere with milk production or breastfeeding. However, if the incision is made around the areola, there may be a risk of damaging the milk ducts. It is important to discuss any concerns you have about breastfeeding with your surgeon.

    Just like any other surgical procedure, there are some risks. Bleeding, infection, and complication with anesthesia are just some. Another risk is developing capsular contracture. This is when scar tissue forms around the implant which causes the implant to harden and cause discomfort. It also may distort the breast. 

    Like most other surgeries, breast augmentation carries some risks, such as bleeding, infection, or anesthesia complications. There is also a risk of capsular contracture, which is when scar tissue forms around the implant. This causes discomfort and distortion of the breast.

    Implants will not last a lifetime. They may require replacement or removal. The lifespan of the implant can vary depending on placement, type of implant, and also the patient’s physical routine. On average, implants will last between 10-15 years before needing any replacement. Schedule regular follow-up appointments and have the condition of your implants monitored.

    The sensation can be affected but most women do not lose sensation completely. The surgical technique used and the patients anatomy are just some factors which will determine the changes in nipple sensation. 

    Cosmetic procedures are generally not covered by health insurance. In some cases, women who have undergone a mastectomy might qualify to have coverage. You must speak with your health insurance company prior to moving forward with the procedure.

    This is a common question asked by patients who are active and exercise regularly. 

    It is always best to wait at least 4 to 6 weeks before returning back to normal activities after surgery. Do not rush your return as you are recovering as it may cause complications with your surgery and hinder your results. 

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