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Artisan of Beauty Before and After Photos
Artisan of Beauty Before and After Photos
Dr Tim Neavin
Surgery with Symmetry
Dr Tim Neavin

Plastic Surgery and The real gift of medicine


beverly hills plastic surgery

Plastic surgery is not just about cosmetic surgery. Dr. Neavin performs complex hand surgery and breast reconstruction.

The Real Gift of Plastic Surgery

Today, I walked in the office and saw a flower delivery for “Dr. Tim”. And attached was a note that read, “Not a day passes that I am not grateful for the excellent work you did. I am so thankful to have my hand back! This experience has changed my life and inspired me to help others. Wishing you happiness and good fortune, KG”.

KG is a very kind, young man who sustained a very bad injury to his wrist, severing major nerves and tendons. He required several hours of surgery with portions of the surgery performed under microscopy. While I wish I could take all the credit for his recovery, KG and his physical therapist worked long and hard, restoring virtually full function of his fingers and hand in such a short time. After weeks of intense physical therapy, this young man was able to restore almost complete function in his hand. Inspired by his own outcome, K.G. decided to pursue a career as a physical therapist.

Thanks, KG, for making me feel proud! I am fortunate to have had you as a patient! You are a remarkable person.

Plastic Surgery and Beyond

Plastic surgery often takes me well beyond the realm of  just physical beauty. The discipline has the power to make very significant improvements of not only form, but also of function, as evident by this young man’s injury and recovery. From complex hand surgery to cancer reconstruction, plastic surgery covers the body from head to toe like no other specialty.

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It’s such kind testimonials like this that make the job seem so not like a job. For more testimonials from incredible patients like KG, click here.