beverly hills plastic surgeon dr. tim neavinYou may have an idea of how you would like to enhance your appearance through surgery, but your particular area of concern may not be the culprit of your aesthetic issue. As much as you may dislike the size of your nose, for instance, the real problem may be linked to the underlying proportions of your face. The beauty of plastic surgery is that it can change features of the body to meet aesthetic ideals. If you’re interested in a proper diagnosis, see Dr. Neavin today and schedule your appointment by contacting us at 310-858-8811. Rather than shorten the nose and allow you to recover, Dr. Neavin will assess your entire facial structure and determine the best method of treatment. It could be that your nose is not the outlier after all, and instead, the imbalance between your chin and cheeks is what is causing your nose to appear larger than usual. By going through your features and how Dr. Neavin can achieve balance, this will allow you to receive the right look that is necessary for your enhancement. It’s also what will create the most balance throughout the face. Adequate proportions, symmetry and an understanding of how to tweak both are what will create timeless results. Not all plastic surgeons have the same aesthetic eye as Dr. Neavin, and that is what allows him to provide amazing results to his patients.

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Are you in need of a top rated plastic surgeon in the Beverly Hills area? Schedule your visit today with Dr. Tim Neavin, a board certified and one of the highest rated plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills. Dr. Tim Neavin performs a wide array of Plastic surgery procedures. As a board certified Plastic surgeon, he is world renown for his incredible results which can be seen on the before and after gallery.

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