Procedure: Chin Augmentation


For men, the chin and the neck are large indicators of age. A chin augmentation and neck lift can make a man look younger and more powerful. Fat grafting to the temples and cheeks were also performed. There are no

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High volume facial fat grafting to widen upper third of face to create sexier, heart-shaped face; chin implant, neck liposuction. The interesting thing about this case is that her face looks thinner with the ADDITION of volume (46 cc fat

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Chin augmentation with silicone chin implant placed through the mouth. There are no visible incisions. Notice how the chin implant improves the neck line.


The profile is balanced with a chin augmentation 4 weeks after surgery: When the tip of the nose, lip, and chin all line up, the profile appears much more balanced. This is a good illustration of facial balancing.


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