Procedure: Fat Grafting


For men, the chin and the neck are large indicators of age. A chin augmentation and neck lift can make a man look younger and more powerful. Fat grafting to the temples and cheeks were also performed. There are no


Facial reshaping (no lifting) to restore top heavy face of youth with high volume fat grafting (48 cc), rhinoplasty, brow elevation, neck tightening Rhinoplasty in combination with neck lift and high volume facial fat grafting was performed to improve profile


Rhinoplasty with facial reshaping using fat: Here, the nose is feminized by reducing the hump and tilting it, and fat was grafted into the cheeks and under the eyes to build cheek projection and midfacial width and fullness, the hallmark


Rhinoplasty with facial fat grafting to cheeks and Juvederm® to lips. Notice subtle projection of cheek bones from fat 1 year after surgery, and fullness while maintaining proper proportions of lips from 2 syringes of Juvederm®.


High volume fat grafting (fat transfer) with 46 cc fat harvested from liposuction. To restore youth and generate a “well rested” face, fat is injected into areas of either volume loss from age or to fill depressions from tissue descent.


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