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Dr. Neavin performs plastic surgery & cosmetic procedures in Beverly Hills & Dubai on the face, nose & neck. The aging face has wrinkles, sagging skin, and volume loss. Fine wrinkles are often addressed with lasers, skin care, and Botox®. Volume loss and sagging skin are managed with fat, fillers, and skin tightening procedures. Facial rejuvenation comes in many variations. The aging face has wrinkles, sagging skin, and volume loss. While fine lines and wrinkles are often addressed with lasers, skin care, platelet rich plasma (PRP), nano-fat, and neurotoxins such as Botox®, deeper wrinkles or skin laxity may require surgery. Significant facial volume loss which begins in the 20s and progresses over the years can be managed by dermal fillers or facial fat grafting – also known as fat transfer. Often, a variety of modalities are combined to rejuvenate the face.

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Fat is rich with stem cells, the undifferentiated cells that when placed in contact with the other organs, will create or repair organs that are injured or compromised. Stem cell-rich fat when injected into the face can improve skin pigmentation, wrinkles, and loss of facial volume secondary to bone resorption and fat atrophy with age.

In essence, fat grafting helps achieve many of the things that lasers and Botox® accomplish. The results are synergistic when combined. Skin after fat grafting is often greatly improved as the stem cells work on the tissues to restore its health. Pore size may diminish, and the skin may take on a new healthy glow as tone, texture and color improve.

Dr. Neavin often suggests fat grafting as a first-line treatment to the aging face. When performed properly, the results are subtle but significant. Fat transfer is quick, relatively painless, and can be combined with liposuction to reduce unwanted fat deposits of the hips, abdomen, or other areas of the body.

Fat transfer is the future of facial rejuvenation and Dr. Neavin is at the forefront of this technology. Nano-fat transfer along with PRP may be considered as approaches to facial rejuvenation.

Face lifts are required when tissue is significantly sagging. There are many different kinds of facelifts, but they all serve to function similarly: lift tissues and restore volume in the appropriate areas.

In general, most facelifts require well camouflaged incisions to allow underlying tissues to be tightened and the skin redraped. Fat is generally also transferred into areas that have become deflated with age. Fat transfer combined with skin redraping will restore younger facial shape. Because underlying tissues and volume restoration are the key components addressed, the results look natural – not “done” or pulled.

The aging neck is also often addressed with the aging face as the two areas merge in the lower third of the face. However, liposuction or a neck-lift can be performed without addressing the face as well. A neck lift tightens the underlying neck muscles, the platysma, to restore that tight neck line you once had. Submental fat is either removed via liposuction or excised directly.

If you are ready to reverse the signs of time on your face, Dr. Neavin has numerous treatment options to help you. To learn more about any of these procedures, contact Artisan of Beauty Plastic Surgery today at 310-858-8811 or text 323-975-1287.

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