“Can I simply remove fat from my hips and inject it into my breasts, doc?”

-Every woman

Sure, admit it. You’ve thought of this, haven’t you? It makes so much sense, right? So why hasn’t it been done before? Well, it has. However, you must consider a couple of things before you start filling your bosoms with unwanted hip fat.

For one, will it work? The retention of fat transfer to the breast is unpredictable, to put it mildly. Many studies suggest optimal benefit from multiple procedures spaced apart over the course of several months. That means more money. And more downtime.

Secondly, what about mammograms? Silicone and saline breast implants  distort very little breast architecture. Fat grafting, however, can create changes that can mimmic  breast cancer on mammograms (or even physical exam). In other words, you can have a successful fat grafting procedure only to find out years later that there is an irregularity on your mammogram which may or may not be related to your prior surgery.  The radiologist may recommend a biopsy to be certain it isn’t malignant.  Do you see where this is going?

Unwanted fat is best used for the face to restore youth and the buttock to improve shape and size of the butt.  For breast enlargement, the safest and most predictable (and probably least expensive) route is breast augmentation surgery.mWhile there may be a role for fat grafting to the breast for very complex scenarios, at this point it shouldn’t be the primary choice for breast enhancement.  The use of fat for breasts is more commonly used in patients who have already had their breasts removed due to cancer.  The thin tissues in combination with breast implants may result in visible rippling from the implant.  Fat can be used to thicken the tissues to pad the implant and reduce the ripples. Stay tuned for more on this interesting topic.

For photos of breast enlargement using breast implants, go the the breast augmentation gallery.


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