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Ready to Grow? What to Expect Before and After Your Breast Implant Procedure

What to Expect Before and After Your Breast Implant Procedure

Are you preparing to undergo a breast implant procedure? It’s important to know your next steps. Here’s what to expect before and after you go under the knife.

In 2018, the number of breast augmentations performed in America increased by 4%. That means more women are bravely taking health and wellness into their own hands. Some are approaching the procedure out of their own free will; others are receiving the help they need after a medical condition. 

A breast implant procedure can not only provide fullness to a woman’s body but also a certain level of perkiness. With the right doctor, this will bring symmetry and a residual boost of confidence. 

Of course, surgery of any kind is a major undertaking. You’ll want to carry out your due diligence before taking the plunge. Below, you’ll find a few notes to discuss with your doctor as well as a week-by-week outline of what to expect after the surgery. 

Before the Surgery

It’s important to carve out a healthy chunk of time to sit down with your doctor and discuss implant choices, implant placements, and incision techniques. He or she will measure your bust and suggest a cup size that naturally enhances your appearance. Here are some of the options you’ll need to consider: 

Implant Choices

Two of the main options are saline and silicone implants. Saline implants are filled with sterile saltwater, thus adding fullness. However, they’re less popular than the alternative. 

More patients are tending toward silicone or gummy bear implants. These are made of a thick gel that creates the form of a natural-looking breast. Within this category, you might want to discuss smooth implants (which are less likely to ripple) vs. textured implants (which integrate better with the natural tissue). 

Implant Placements

Implants can be placed above the pectoral muscle or below it. Doctors will take a standard or dual plan approach. That just means there’s room for discussion regarding how much of the pectoral muscle is covered with the implant. 

Incision Techniques

Science has advanced to such an astonishing degree that there are many ways to avoid visible scarring. Talk to your doctor about the differences between incisions underneath the breast, underneath the armpit, and around the areola. Some incisions can also be placed through the belly button, but that’s only for saline implants. 

After the Surgery

The surgery itself is usually considered an outpatient procedure. You can expect surgery times to last somewhere between one to two hours. You’ll likely undergo general anesthesia.  Dr. Neavin gives all of his patients his cell phone number in case any urgent questions arise.

Week One

Your doctor should advise you to sleep upright for at least 48 hours. The first seven days are the hardest. So, try to have all your housework done before you go into surgery. Pack ice packs in your freezer and load up on bottled water so you can remain hydrated. 

Week Three

In addition, you should limit physical strain, especially lifting, for up to three weeks. A reduction in the number of times you raise your arms above your head will also aid in the reduction of swelling

Week Eight

The good news is, after about eight weeks, you should be ready to return to normal levels of activity. For such a dramatic body boost, patients usually find eight weeks of reduced activity a manageable expectation. 

A Breast Implant Procedure You’ll Love Forever

Since everybody is different, the lifespan of every breast implant will vary, too. Some people revisit their implants years down the road to change the breast size, correct the symmetry, or reposition the implant. 

That said, you’re looking at years of increased confidence and self-fulfillment. Here at Artisan of Beauty, we offer patients the best augmentation options Los Angeles has to offer.