Santa Has Hair Transplantation?


Sources at DMZ believe he underwent hair transplantation with the new NeoGraft hair restoration technology under the guidance of Board Certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Tim Neavin, earlier this year. Neograft as we have learned is a new, advanced way of transplanting hair that leaves no scar, and the most natural looking results. It can be done while you are awake and there is no down time. DMZ contacted the Artisan of Beauty plastic surgery office in Beverly Hills but Dr. Neavin refused to comment on Santa’s new, dapper look, citing patient privacy laws, “I’ve known Kris for a few years, but that’s all I can really say. He’s a busy man under a lot of stress, and as we know, stress may be related Hair loss. While I can’t tell you whether or not I performed a hair transplantation, I can tell you this. The Elves got nothing on Neograft.”

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