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“She’d be Really Cute if it Just Wasn’t For Those Knees.”

Sexy Knees, Anyone?

Make no mistake that In Los Angeles, beauty is a commodity. And to what end will some women go to achieve perfection? I actually don’t know if there is one. If you do, please submit your observations to

It has always fascinatDr. Tim Neavined me about women’s obsession with their knees. I can’t remember the last time I heard a guy approach a friend and say, “Yeah, she’d be great if it just wasn’t for those knees.” But for women, this area is often a target of self-criticism in my office. Self knee obsessions don’t discriminate demographically, or physically. Even size zeros, from Beverly Hills to El Segundo want prettier knees.

Not surprisingly, most women don’t even gossip about other women’s knees. Hair, breasts, lips? Sure, they’re all common targets. But knees? Please!

Knees as a Staring Point

But for many women in Los Angeles, their knee is an apparent staring point – for themselves. And only for themselves. Even the same women in my office who are critical of their knees admit to paying to mind to their friend’s knees. For some reason, it’s just “their” problem. Fat knees are unique to them.

Certainly, some knees are prettier than others. And there are ways to improve the knee aesthetics. And when we talk about unattractive knees, what we’re generally referring to is the small fat deposits on the inside of the knee just above the knee cap. Sometimes, gentle liposuction in the knee can help reduce this fat deposit and improve the knee silhouette, particularly when the skin tightens as a result of liposuction. “Knee lifts” have been described in the literature, but the procedure is not commonly performed because it can leave an unsightly scar just above the knee cap. I personally wouldn’t recommend a “knee-lift” as you trade better knee shape for a potentially poor scar, right on the front surface of the leg. Sometimes, a thigh lift will help improve the skin laxity of the leg, and in turn, will improve a middle knee sag. But rarely, do I think a knee-job is indicated in isolation.

So in summary, knees are not immune to beauty critique. It just so happens that the toughest critics are the ones who own them. Knee contouring is feasible and safe, with either liposuction or a combined approach with thigh lift.

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