No doubt, plastic surgery has grown into the mainstream at an exceptional pace in the last decade. With the advent of popular fictional and non-fictional TV shows depicting plastic surgery as a “way of life” in cosmopolitan cities such as New York, Miami, or Los Angeles, the beautification-from-the-knife taboo walls have eroded into crumbles and ash. More women not only willingly share their experience with friends and coworkers, many even use their new , refined look as a boasting tool. With pride, women of all ages bounce around Beverly Hill’s famed Rodeo Drive with their Louis Vuitton bag, Prada shoes, and butterfly-taped, ski-sloped noses and bruised eyes, as if their surgical evidence of vanity were also a symbol of status and high life. And of course, in many ways it is. In the city of Angels, there is undoubtedly a social advantage to own beauty. And for the right price, it can be bought and showcased.


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