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Sweaty Hands Aren’t “In”. So Botox them?

Botox for Sweaty Palms

Did you know that Botox® can be used to treat sweaty hands and arm pits? Hyperhidrosis is the name given to excessive sweating. Often people have this condition involving the armpits (axilla) or palms. The first line of treatment is antiperspirants in the axilla such as Certain-Dri®. This is an over the counter anti perspirant and it tends to work well for the arm pits.

However, the palms are more difficult to treat with antiperspirants. The problem with sweaty palms is that it can also be embarrassing in social and professional settings when shaking hands with people. Try landing that deal leaving a puddle of your DNA on your client’s sleeve.

Sweaty Hands

Sweaty hands can be also be perceived as a sign of nervousness. In addition, it is often difficult to work daily with excessive sweat in your hands. It may even be unsafe dealing with manual labor or jobs using heavy equipment. And, it may be cumbersome and affect agility  performing a  job that require fine motor skills of the fingers and hand. Although Botox® is commonly known to reduce wrinkles, a lot of people do not know it has a very large role in treating these sweaty conditions. Typically the amount of Botox® needed for the palms is about 50 units to start. This is considered a higher dose than what is typically used on the forehead.

Botox® Dosing

To put things into comparison, 50 units per palm or 100 units for both hands, is typically twice the amount we place in the forehead and crow’s feet. To that end, Botox® for sweaty palms and arm pits generally costs more than for wrinkle reduction of the forehead and crow’s feet.

The good news is, Botox® for sweaty palms and arm pits lasts longer for the effect than for wrinkle reduction. The injections in the hand can be painful without the use of topical lidocaine, nerve blocks, or topical numbing creams or ice.

Care and Results with Botox® for Hyperhidrosis

In addition, one must consider the profession of the person undergoing Botox® for sweaty palms. A violinist and pianist requires fine motor skills of the hands.  They may not wish to undergo this procedure just preceding a performance as the sweat glands from Botox® that are de-activated sit very close to the muscles of the thumb and fingers. It is not terribly uncommon to have some mild weakness in the fingers for a couple weeks following this procedure. Botox® can affect performance.

Hyperhidrosis of the palms is a treatable condition.  Botox®  in the proper amount for the right person can prove to be effective.

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