Options Available For Fuller Lips

Options for Fuller Lips Lip augmentation remains a popular cosmetic procedure. Here are a few facts about the options that exist for fuller lips. Temporary Options By far, the most common way plastic surgeons enhance lips are is with dermal fillers.  Hyaluronic based products such as Restylane and Juvederm remain

What makes lips beautiful?

Sexy Lips Jill Garneski, Creator of BoomTubeTV.com visits Dr. Timothy Neavin in Beverly Hills to talk about lip augmentation and what makes beautiful, sexy lips. http://youtu.be/a4iq7PtRv8M Size & Shape Beautiful, sexy lips are not just about size, it’s also about the shape. Focus on the upper lip shape. The curl,

Features of Beautiful Lips

We know beautiful lips when we see them.  They are often full and pouty, but is that all that is necessary to qualify them into the ranks of sexy? This article will briefly discuss some of the components we routinely find in aesthetically ideal puckers. Size: Bigger lips are often

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