chin augmentation

Facial Sculpting

Facial Sculpting Plastic surgery of the face, among other things,  involves addition and subtraction of volume.  The example below illustrates how just  the addition of volume can create a more balanced face. This woman desires a more attractive face.  Attractive faces in young women possess a heart shape.  That is, […]

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Addition Rhinoplasty: Sometimes Bigger IS Better with Nose Surgery

Rhinoplasty: A Case Study by Tim Neavin, M.D. Rhinoplasty comes in many forms. When people think of nose surgery to improve appearance, most commonly we think about making noses smaller.  That is, big dorsal humps being rasped or shaved down, or bulbous or full tips being trimmed and narrowed. Indeed, […]

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Chipmunk Cheeks and Buccal Lipectomy

I saw a woman today in my Beverly Hills office who wanted to get rid of her chipmunk cheeks (as she called it) which led to a discussion about buccal lipectomy. Buccal lipectomy refers to removing fat in the cheeks to think them, or hollow them. Many women desire that […]

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