Los Angeles

Santa ain’t Perfect

Ok, so a few Los Angeles inhabitants pointed out after my last blog that Santa may indeed benefit from liposuction. However, I’d have to disagree. For one, Santa is obese. Obesity is not an indication for liposuction. In fact, in some case it is a contraindication for elective surgery. Period. […]

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Umbilical Hernia

The short on umbilical hernias Today was a fun day to be a plastic surgeon despite having to travel in the rain to the hospital.  A rare event to say the least in sunny Los Angeles. The best part of the day came when I operated on a dear friend […]

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Rhinoplasty Approaches

Los Angeles is home to millions of noses, and hence, thousands of nose-jobs (or rhinoplasties). Noses come in many sizes and shapes. Some small, some big, some wide, and some “pinched’. In Beverly Hills, one would think that the main function of the nose is to provide rest for Gucci […]

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