I personally know several plastic surgeons in Los Angeles but I was referred to Dr. Tim Neavin by a friend who said I just had to go see him. I did and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. Dr. Neavin is equal parts trustworthy professional, skillful artist and caring doctor. I went to see him to discuss injectables and fillers. Dr. Neavin spent time with me describing the options available to me, showed me pictures of other patient’s procedures and discussed my expectations. He even told me there were things I was considering that I did not have to do to my face. I like that he erred on the conservative side.Dr. Neavin’s dedication and commitment to his patients extends far beyond your appointment time and the obvious things. Prior to my procedure, I had several follow-up questions that I emailed to him. He not only emailed me back but called me to discuss as well. I know I wasn’t having major plastic surgery but I was anxious about doing fillers and my questions were important to me and Dr. Neavin is the type of doctor who recognizes the validity of all of his patients’ concerns, regardless of how big or small the procedure is.There are dozens of plastic surgeon options in LA and Beverly Hills, but Dr. Neavin is at the top of my list. I won’t go to anyone else. Oh, and an extra bonus: his consultations are free. Further proof of his commitment to his future patient’s best interests over his own interests.


To schedule your consultation, Simply Call (310) 858-8811 or Text (323) 975-1287.