Living in LA, there are no shortages of plastic surgeons. I found myself “shopping” for doctors when I wanted my nose done. After seeing 4, I found Dr. Neavin on the web because he had very good reviews. So, I made an appointment and was just blown away with his bedside manners and eye for beauty. He spent a great deal of time talking about things I never even considered like balancing the face and proportions. I ended up getting my nose smaller, cheeks and lips fuller and a small chin implant. My results are just stunning and I still can’t believe the transformation when I look in a mirror sometimes. Sure, there was bruising and my face was puffy for a week but it was well worth it! My advice? Don’t doctor shop looking for the “best deals”. Go with people who have good reputations in the city. The best deals are the ones that know what they’re doing. Dr. Neavin is one of them. 5 stars!


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