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What’s New: A Look at the Top Five Plastic Surgery Trends of 2019

Almost 18 million adults underwent cosmetic surgery and minimally invasive procedures in 2018. Breast augmentation, liposuction, and nose reshaping were at the top of the list. The growing demand is fueling this industry, and new trends are emerging every year.

In 2019, we’ll see a surge in the popularity of facial mapping, body contouring, and niche treatments, among other procedures. A growing number of Americans are choosing small corrections over major interventions in an attempt to achieve natural looking results. Preventive treatments are gaining momentum too.

The latest cosmetic surgery procedures are safer and less invasive. Liquid rhinoplasty as is sometimes called, for example, are minimally invasive and cause little damage to the nasal soft tissues in skilled hands.  

Eager to find out more? Let’s break down the most popular plastic surgery trends in 2019!

Hand Rejuvenation

Your hands are among the first parts of your body to show visible signs of aging. As time goes by, the skin loses its elasticity and becomes wrinkled. You may notice age spots, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and other textural problems.

Plastic surgeons have been using fat grafting for decades. In 2019, this procedure is used to replace lost volume in the back of the hands and restore their youthful appearance. Hand rejuvenation requires local anesthesia and offers natural looking results that can last up to several years. Radiesse is also a wonderful way ro fill voilume in then hands and avoids the need for surgery.  

Lip Lifts

Fillers are slowly being replaced by lip lifts in response to the growing demand for more natural-looking features. Lip lifts take up to two hours to complete under local anesthesia, and cause minimal discomfort. The surgeon will reshape your lips by raising their edges and reformig the natural cupid’s bow that is lost with aging.  Lip lips can be performed in bothe upper and lower lifts.  

This procedure results in fuller lips with a more youthful shape. The results are permanent. Some patients may experience mild swelling, redness, and bruising, but these side effects go away within a week or so and patients are generalyl very happy to see their teeth again when. 

Non-Surgical Nose Jobs

If you want a perfect nose without going under the knife, you’re in luck. This year, non-surgical nose jobs are more popular than ever before.

During this procedure, the surgeon will inject hyaluronic acid into the bridge of your nose to improve its shape and appearance. It’s quick and virtually painless, so you can go home right away.

The results are immediate but don’t last more than a couple of years, for the most part. Additionally, there’s a risk for complications, such as blanching of the skin, discoloration, and soft tissue injury.  Thus, non-surgical rhinoplasty should be performed with only very experienced injectors.  Traditional rhinoplasty requires more downtime, of course,  but yields permanent results.

Brazilian Butt Lifts

The demand for Brazilian butt lifts is on the rise. Millions of women are willing to go under the knife to achieve the so-called “Kardashian Effect.”

This procedure involves transferring fat from your lower back, hips, or other areas to your buttocks. It not only enhances their size and shape but also reduces the fat pockets on your thighs or belly (depending on where the fat is removed from). The results are permanent.

Volt Lift

One of the newest cosmetic procedures is a 3D facelift. It’s safe, non-invasive, and yields natural-looking results. This technique aims to restore facial volume, increase skin elasticity, and provide a youthful appearance.

3D facelifts use new generation fillers and bio-compatible collagen thread to increase moisture in the skin and restore its volume. This helps lift and tighten the skin while reducing swelling and bruising. Volumetric thread lifting, as developed by Dr. Neavin, combines the use of threads and fillers to lift skin and camouflage aging. 

Discover the Latest Plastic Surgery Trends

These plastic surgery trends are here to stay. Body contouring and injectables will continue to be popular too. There’s also a growing demand for minimally-invasive procedures, labiaplasty, and hybrid breast surgery.

If you wish to achieve perkier breasts, look no further. Here’s what you should know about breast augmentation before making a decision.

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