Creating balance in the face and body involves an array of procedures and techniques. Because symmetry and proportional features necessitate different requirements for individual patients, having several methods at your disposal will help you achieve the most profound result.

Dr. Neavin offers the most advanced and innovative face, breast and body procedures for both men and women and applies multiple techniques to help you achieve an outcome that is truly unique.

Balance and Beauty Are In

Here in Beverly Hills, it’s easy to get caught up in modern standards of beauty. Many individuals may look overworked and unnatural as a result of their desire to be beautiful, but stretched skin and exaggerated features are not always an attainable result, nor should they be. Many men and women prefer significant, yet subtle results.

Beauty — natural beauty — comes from balance and proportion, which should not involve extensive techniques or results that look plastic. In order for you to enjoy your appearance beyond its initial outcome, your should receive enhancement that complements your current features.

An attractive face is not only symmetrical, but interesting. Facial features, whether they be the nose, lips, chin, eyes, or any other unit of the face, should serve to enhance their neighboring units and create a harmonious picture of beauty and art, which is what Dr. Neavin aims to provide with every man and woman. Your results will look inherently like you but with rejuvenation and renewed beautification that improves upon your current features.

Choosing the Right Treatment

The procedure you choose will depend on your particular area of concern, and Dr. Neavin can explain the methods available that will provide the results for which you seek. Both surgical and nonsurgical options are capable of shaping your face or body and creating ideal proportions.

Before recommending a course of treatment, Dr. Neavin will spend time learning about your desires and expectations. Throughout the plastic surgery process, you will get to know one another and build a lasting relationship that extends long beyond your post-operative care.

It’s useful for Dr. Neavin to understand your lifestyle, which may include your activity level, diet and occupation. Communicating your cosmetic desires, as well as certain results that you dislike, will help him narrow down the best treatment options.

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Breast Surgery Procedures

Dr. Neavin is an international, award-winning breast augmentation surgeon who is world-renowned for his use of several breast enhancement techniques to improve the contours of your body, with breast augmentation being one of the most sought-after procedures in Los Angeles and Dubai. Other procedures include breast lift and breast reduction for both male and female patients. Patients fly in from all over the world to consult Dr. Neavin’s expertise.

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Body Surgery Procedures

Body surgery focuses on regions beyond the breasts and sculpts individual features to be more proportional with the rest of your physique. Excess fat and skin can detract from your appearance and upset the harmony of your body, but with body contouring surgery, you can achieve the ideal figure.

Liposuction is one of the most popular body contouring procedures and includes traditional, ultrasound or laser-assisted techniques. Other procedures include tummy tuck, body lift, buttock lift, vaginal rejuvenation and arm lift surgeries.

Dr. Neavin has trained under the pioneers of plastic surgery after massive weight loss surgery, Dr. Dennis Hurwitz and Dr. Peter Rubin. He has authored and co-authored text book chapters and articles in body contouring after massive weight loss, and has spoken at national conferences on body contouring.

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Face Surgery Procedures

A lot can be done with facial rejuvenation, whether you choose to go a surgical or nonsurgical route. Treatments vary due to vast differences in facial form and because natural aging effects everyone individually, making the many flavors of facial rejuvenation a necessity.

Some procedures are not purely aesthetic, however, even though the cosmetic appeal is often an added benefit. Some patients experience structural or functional abnormalities that make it difficult to live a healthy, consistent lifestyle. Facial rejuvenation can improve your quality of life in addition to helping you take pride in your appearance.

Facial procedures or surgery are not exclusive to aging individuals. They are often effective in younger men and women who wish to erase a tired appearance or accentuate other features of their face to enhance beauty. Dr. Neavin can help you understand which treatments are going to create the most symmetry and beauty for your face by applying the most advanced and innovative techniques.

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Hair transplantation is an art. To create natural looking results, each hair must be oriented properly from the scalp while respecting density patterns. It is experience, an eye for detail, and a true understanding of aesthetics that become necessary components to restore a beautiful, natural looking head of hair.

Dr. Neavin performs follicular unit extraction most commonly with NeoGraft for hair transplantation, hairline lowering, and eyebrow transplantation. FUE avoids linear scars and eliminates the need for incisions, stitches, or staples. It remains one of the most precise and advanced methods for follicle extraction, providing healthy follicles for implantation.

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Procedures for Men

Your desire for cosmetic enhancement is not uncommon. In fact, more men are receiving plastic surgery to improve the way they look. One of the most challenging aspects of male rejuvenation is finding a surgeon who can provide the unique results you are looking for. Often, men feel hesitant seeking plastic surgery in fear that their needs may not be met.

Dr. Neavin understands that aesthetic concerns are not limited to a particular demographic. Almost everyone takes issue with some aspect of their body and chooses whether to enhance their image. Male patients are no different but do require a personalized touch that complements their particular version of masculinity.


It’s Time to Unveil Your Natural Beauty

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