Dr. Neavin is a leading hair transplant surgeon in Los Angeles at the Artisan Hair Transplant Center in Beverly Hills, California. He has performed hair transplants on many whose faces (and hair) grace the television or movie screens. If models and movie stars, whose career relies heavily on looking their best, trust Dr Neavin, why shouldn’t you?

Hair transplantation is an art. To create natural looking results, each hair must be oriented properly from the scalp while respecting density patterns. It is experience, an eye for detail, and a true understanding of aesthetics that become necessary components to restore a beautiful, natural looking head of hair.


Dr. Neavin performs follicular unit extraction most commonly with NeoGraft for hair transplantation, hairline lowering, and eyebrow transplantation. FUE avoids linear scars and eliminates the need for incisions, stitches, or staples. It remains one of the most precise and advanced methods for follicle extraction, providing healthy follicles for implantation.

Below is a demonstration of Dr. Neavin using NeoGraft to perform a hair transplant on a patient named Sam.

Dr. Neavin discusses the use of PRP for hair here:

Dr. Neavin discusses more about follicular unit extraction here:

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