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Welcome to Artisan of Beauty, a plastic surgery practice located in Beverly Hills and owned and operated by Dr. Tim Neavin; where artfully balanced plastic surgery creates timeless beauty. Dr.  Neavin is a board certified and renowned plastic surgeon whose treatment philosophy is one of simplicity: keep surgery safe and keep it natural. This is how he continues to provide the results that his patients rave about. It’s easy to get enraptured in the ideals of beauty. Looking at passersby, they appear to have the perfect body and facial contour, which may provoke your interest in enhancing your look.

Known as a top board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Neavin wants nothing more than to help you look and feel beautiful, but his priority is to be honest when recommending treatment. With a goal to exceed your expectations, he will also be candid and perform only procedures he believes would benefit you.

Dr. Tim Neavin is an outstanding plastic surgeon 😷 Professional with an uplifting bedside manner to make you feel comfortable post surgery; he sees the beauty in you and improves it with the right cosmetic technique so that your results looks as natural as possible.  – Tina


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Surgery with Symmetry

Without symmetry, you may not appreciate your appearance. Dr. Neavin understands the relationship between facial balance and its ability to create harmony throughout the rest of the body. It’s this relationship that enables his sense of artistry and allows him to craft beautiful results. Artistry in plastic surgery is essential because it is the one factor that allows your cosmetic rejuvenation to look completely natural. Without an ability to complement the current contours of your body and build upon your natural beauty, your results will look imbalanced, disharmonious or overworked. This is why you need to find the right surgeon that will help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

Dr. Neavin values integrity within his work and shies away from performing procedures just for the sake of surgery. There are hundreds of surgeons in the area who will do exactly that, but Dr. Neavin prefers to create lasting results that leave you completely satisfied. Call us today at 310-858-8811 or text 323-975-1287 to learn more or schedule a consultation.

The Value of a Proper Cosmetic Diagnosis

You may have an idea of how you would like to enhance your appearance through surgery, but your particular area of concern may not be the culprit of your aesthetic issue. As much as you may dislike the size of your nose, for instance, the real problem may be linked to the underlying proportions of your face. The beauty of plastic surgery is that it can change features of the body to meet aesthetic ideals. If you’re interested in a proper diagnosis, see Dr. Neavin today and schedule your appointment by contacting us at 310-858-8811. Rather than shorten the nose and allow you to recover, Dr. Neavin will assess your entire facial structure and determine the best method of treatment. It could be that your nose is not the outlier after all, and instead, the imbalance between your chin and cheeks is what is causing your nose to appear larger than usual. By going through your features and how Dr. Neavin can achieve balance, this will allow you to receive the right look that is necessary for your enhancement. It’s also what will create the most balance throughout the face. Adequate proportions, symmetry and an understanding of how to tweak both are what will create timeless results. Not all plastic surgeons have the same aesthetic eye as Dr. Neavin, and that is what allows him to provide amazing results to his patients.

Continuing Care After Your Procedure

From the moment you meet with Dr. Neavin for a consultation, you will begin to establish a working relationship in hopes that you become comfortable with the procedure you receive. As you learn more about your aesthetic needs and the options available, you will come to an understanding about the parameters of your treatment and how a board certified surgeon can help with your goals. Whether you receive surgical or nonsurgical treatment, your time with Dr. Neavin will be personal and productive. Your treatment plan will be designed intuitively for your unique characteristics, and you will work together to gain an enhancement that you love. Even after your procedure is complete, you can contact Dr. Neavin with any questions and concerns you have no matter the time of day. Dr. Neavin is known for his amazing post-operative care and allows you to recover with more than a simple list of instructions. As you make your way home after surgery, Dr. Neavin will provide his personal cell phone number and encourage you to contact him routinely for a progress report. He works very closely with his patients to ensure they feel completely comfortable before, during and after the procedure. Dr. Neavin will always make sure you are comfortable throughout the whole process.

Schedule Your Consultation

If you would like more information about procedures offered at Artisan of Beauty, call Dr. Neavin at 310‑858‑8811 and schedule a consultation,  or text the office at 323-975-1287.


Dr. Neavin’s office is located at 421 N Rodeo Dr A-1, Beverly Hills, CA 90210 and is just a short driving distance from other major cities such as Los Angeles and Pasadena.   icon


To schedule your consultation, Simply Call (310) 858-8811 or Text (323) 975-1287.

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