Celebrity Look-Alike Plastic Surgery

An aspiring actor has undergone extensive cosmetic procedures to look like movie heartthrob Ryan Gosling. In nearly two hours of treatments with Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Dr. Tim Neavin, Nicholas Ryan, 32, from New Jersey, was given Botox and dermal fillers to make his face look like his idol. He hopes the procedures will help him hit the big time in Hollywood – as well as improve his chances with women.

‘I wanted was more definition in my jaw bone, like Ryan Gosling,’ says the actor, who lives in Los Angeles and chose ‘Ryan’ as a stage name.

‘I’m going for roles that demand a more rugged look in a man’s face. My favorite Ryan Gosling movie is Gangster Squad, a role that suits that type of heroic face. He’s got a look that a lot of people in America are looking for right now, especially in my line of work.

I’m hoping I’ll get more auditions and roles if I look more like Ryan Gosling. That’s why I had the surgery.’

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2339863/Meet-aspiring-actor-spent-5-000-cosmetic-procedures-look-like-hero-Ryan-Gosling.html


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