What makes a beautiful breast?

Updated: May 1, 2023 Beverly Hills is a city known for fashion, flash, and entertainment, bigger isn’t always better. At least that’s the case when it comes to breasts. The most attractive breasts are youthful, not necessarily big, in shape. What defines a youthful breast? Well, volume is a factor.

Turn Back the Clock: Five Anti-Aging Plastic Surgery Procedures That Take Years Off Your Look

Five Anti-Aging Plastic Surgery Procedures That Take Years Off Thanks to anti-aging plastic surgery, we never have to look as old as our birthday says we are. Here are five treatment options to help you turn back the clock. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, over 28 cosmetic

What’s New: A Look at the Top Five Plastic Surgery Trends of 2019

Almost 18 million adults underwent cosmetic surgery and minimally invasive procedures in 2018. Breast augmentation, liposuction, and nose reshaping were at the top of the list. The growing demand is fueling this industry, and new trends are emerging every year. In 2019, we’ll see a surge in the popularity of

Dr. Neavin Speaks Internationally in Brazil on Fat Grafting to the Face

Dr. Neavin was honored over the weekend to be a guest speaker for the 2019 Plastic Regenerative Surgery meeting in Porto Alegre, Brazil, where he presented lectures on facial fat transfer and male plastic surgery.  The meeting comprised a legendary crowd of plastic surgeons from South America, which many argued

Grand Opening Office Party with Artisan of Skin

It was a glorious night for the Artisan of Beauty team celebrating the new office and newfound relationship with Artisan of Skin, the skin care arm of the practice. Well over one hundred friends, colleagues, and patients attended to enjoy good food, spirits, and sounds from the renown Eliza James

Breast Implants in the News

A recent article in the news highlighted a finding that alarmed good deal of the population: individuals that had breast implants. For years now, there has been a link associated between Individuals with breast implants and a very rare form of cancer. However, the correlation has been, and continues to

Dr. Neavin is Invited to Speak on Fat Grafting and Male Plastic Surgery on Behalf of ISAPS (International Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery)

Dr. Neavin, after speaking at ISAPS in Miami last year on eyebrow transplantation; and gynecomastia surgery in Orlando at the ASPS for the PSEN (Plastic Surgery Education Network), was invited to share his knowledge in Puerto Allegro, Brazil, with esteemed leaders in the field Drs. Sydney Coleman, of New York,

Dr. Neavin Speaks at the International Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) in Miami on eyebrow transplantation.

Dr. Neavin returned from Miami last week after spending four days at the International Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in Miami, Florida, where he spoke on modern ideals of eyebrows and eyebrow transplantation. This lecture follows his talk just a month ago in Chicago, at the American Society of Plastic

Dr. Neavin Discusses Advanced Surgery for Gynecomastia at ASPS

Dr. Neavin joined leaders in the field of male breast reduction surgery at the American Society of Plastic Surgeons in Chicago last week. He was invited to participate in a panel for the Plastic Surgery Educational Network (PSEN), along with Drs. Ernest Mander, Brian Heil and moderator, Keith Jeffords. This

Rhinoplasty and Four Fun Facts About Your Nose

Your nose, like your ear, continue to grow throughout life.  The tip generally enlarges and for most people drop.  Thus, when it comes to rhinoplasty in adults, improving nasal appearance can be a powerful rejuvenating procedure when the nose is reduced and tilted. That is, rhinoplasty can make a man

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