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What makes a beautiful breast?

Updated: March 20, 2024

Beverly Hills is all about the glam and glitz, but when it comes to breasts, bigger doesn’t always mean better. A lot of women dream of having big, stunning breasts and go for breast augmentation surgery to get them. But what actually makes breasts look good? It’s not just about size; it’s also about their shape and fullness.

Just like we can spot awesome small breasts, we can also tell when someone’s rocking big ones in a tight top. Young-looking breasts have a certain vibe to them. Knowing what makes breasts look young and fresh can be super useful, especially if someone’s looking to get that look through surgery. Surgeons have a couple of tricks up their sleeve, like breast augmentation or a lift, to help get those perfect boobs. And the type of implant matters too. There’s a difference between saline (salt water) and silicone implants, and it’s a big deal to know about these if you’re thinking about getting the surgery.

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Here are some common traits of beautiful breasts:

The areola is generally smaller than 40 mm in diameter. Here, smaller is generally better!

The nipple sits above the breast fold. In fact, the most attractive breasts as studied by plastic surgeons puts the nipple approximately 6.9 cm above the fold. Go ahead, get your tape measurer! If the nipple is BELOW the fold, then the breasts are droopy. Not attractive.

The two nipples should form an equilateral triangle with the notch above the sternum. That is, the distance from the nipple to nipple and each nipple to the notch should all be the same. Typically, that range is 19 to 21 cm in perky, young breasts. And you though your highschool trigonometry would be useless in the real world!

What about size? Good question! I’m not sure size is the most important factor in defining beautiful breasts. Almost universally, large droopy breasts are not considered as attractive as small, perky breasts. But to each his (or her) own! Both silicone breast implants and saline breast implants function well to add volume.

Symmetry! Sure, the closer in size and shape between the two breasts the prettier the pair!

Projection! On profile, the nipple should sit directly behind the part of the breast mound that projects the fullest. If the nipple is above that, the breasts have a bottomed-out appearance. (Big, old implants with that rock-in-a-sock look. We’ve all seen it). If the nipple is below that most projected portion, then the breasts are droopy! That is called ‘ptosis’, and will be the topic of another blog.

There it is! Now go find a mirror, take your measurements, and report back to your favorite plastic surgeon