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Dr. Neavin is Invited to Speak on Fat Grafting and Male Plastic Surgery on Behalf of ISAPS (International Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery)

Dr. Neavin, after speaking at ISAPS in Miami last year on eyebrow transplantation; and gynecomastia surgery in Orlando at the ASPS for the PSEN (Plastic Surgery Education Network), was invited to share his knowledge in Puerto Allegro, Brazil, with esteemed leaders in the field Drs. Sydney Coleman, of New York, and Keith Jeffords, of Atlanta.

This two-day meeting, titled “Plastic Regenerative Surgery Meeting” will focus on advanced, and innovative techniques for fat transfer. Dr. Neavin will speak on facial remodeling with high volume fat transfer as well as trends in male plastic surgery, such as gynecomastia surgery and penis enlargement using fat.Fat transfer and male plastic surgery have seen significant growth trends within the United States over the last decade.  As scientists learn more about the aging process in the face of men and women, the more plastic surgeons understand how to remodel the face to one of youth.  While many historical attributed the aging appearance of one’s face to wrinkles and say skin, beauty and youth are not just consequences of absent wrinkles and tight skin.  We all know this too well when we see the over-over-tightened facelift.  Its neither natural looking or attractive.

Rather, the hallmark of youth and beauty is facial architecture.  That is, it is the shape of one’s face and the position of specific tissues within the face that spell “young” or “old”, and “attractive” and “unattractive”.

As one ages, it is true that tissue descends, and wrinkles develop.  However, this alone is insufficient to account for the total aging pattern in men and women. More important than descent of tissues and wrinkles, is volume.  Namely, fat.

One easy to illustrate the changes is to examine two face: one of a newborn, and one of the newborn’s grandparent.  We could describe the baby’s face quite easily as a ball of fat.  And the grandparent?   Gaunt.  Even despite the weight of the elder.  Thus, we can see both the starting point and end points of youth.  And fat is a necessary component of it.

To restore youth, one must restore fat.  But fat must be introduced (and also repositioned, in many cases), to truly turn back the hands of time.  Pulling skin in absence of this tenet yields undesirable results.

Fat transfer describes the harvesting and injection of fat.  Dr. Neavin will be discussing the art of predictable fat transfer, which is tied to a number of important variables: The harvest site, also called the “donor” site, the process of extraction ranging from cannula size to negative pressure, the preparation of fat, the transfer of fat into syringes for injection, the location of fat injection (region and depth), and the post-operative care of fat grafting patients.

In addition to fat transfer of the face, Dr. Neavin will also be speaking in Porto Alegre on recent advances in male plastic surgery.  Indeed, there is also a role of fat transfer to the penis to improve penis size and shape, for which Dr. Neavin will discuss.   Penis enlargement surgery and male breast reduction surgery have both become more popular among young men in the United States over the last five to ten years, according to national statistics.  Men, now more than ever, feel comfortable addressing their cosmetic concerns with their plastic surgeon.

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