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Dr. Neavin Speaks at the International Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) in Miami on eyebrow transplantation.

Dr. Neavin returned from Miami last week after spending four days at the International Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in Miami, Florida, where he spoke on modern ideals of eyebrows and eyebrow transplantation. This lecture follows his talk just a month ago in Chicago, at the American Society of Plastic Surgery (ASPS) on the same topic.

The meeting, as one would expect, was packed with true leaders in the field of cosmetic surgery and hair transplantation.  Below, Dr. Neavin is seen with renown hair transplant surgeons, Dr. Keith Jeffords from Atlanta, Georgia, and  Dr. Jack Fisher from Nashville, Tennessee, at Nikki’s Beach after a long day of speaking and attending courses on face lifts, facial fat transfer, and beauty.

Remarkably, 98 countries were represented at the ISAPS this year, setting an all time record for attendance.  Among this diverse geography, was Brazil, where not surprisingly, many speakers on the panels reside.  Indeed, Brazil is and always has been a mecca for cosmetic surgery and cutting technology in the field of body reshaping.  After all, it’s called a “Brazilian butt lift” for a reason, right?  Interestingly, while plastic surgeons from Brazil perform fat transfer the buttock, the term’s origin is outside Brazil. It is from the United States.  Nevertheless, given the preponderance of gluteal augmentations and truly transformative buttock surgery in Brazil, the term still makes sense.  If nothing else, it can be considered a tribute to our South American friends who have recreated  the “sexy back” ideals for which every woman in the US presently desires.

Included in this group of South American plastic surgery masters are Drs. Ronaldo Righesso from Bento Concalves, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, and Dr. Eduardo Pellini of Porto Alegra, Brazil (seated with Dr. Neavin and Dr. Keith Jeffords). Here, a topic other than plastic surgery is discussed:  Portuguese cuisine.  Dr. Neavin settles for fresh Branzino, Drs. Righesso and Pellini share a feast of fresh lobster and shrimp, and Dr. Jeffords goes for the delicious marriage of meat and potatoes.  

Meetings where dozens of countries unite to discuss  their art are truly special. New techniques are shared, cutting edge technology is evaluated,  but most importantly,  new friendships form.  

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