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Welcome to Artisan of Beauty, a Beverly Hills plastic surgery practice owned and operated by Dr. Tim Neavin; where artfully balanced plastic surgery creates timeless beauty. Dr. Neavin is a board certified and renowned plastic surgeon whose treatment philosophy is one of simplicity: keep surgery safe and keep it natural. This is how he continues to provide the results that his patients rave about. It’s easy to get enraptured in the ideals of beauty. Looking at passersby, they appear to have the perfect body and facial contour, which may provoke your interest in enhancing your look.

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My goal is to exceed your expectations, and I will be candid and perform only procedures that I believe would benefit you.

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Top board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Neavin wants nothing more than to help you look and feel beautiful, but his priority is to be honest when recommending a treatment.

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421 North Rodeo, Dr.
Suite A-1, Beverly
Hills, CA 90210, U.S.A.

Tel: (310) 858-8811
SMS: (323) 975-1287

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