Butt Augmentation Options

4 Ways to a Bigger Butt

Have you been looking for a way to add shape and definition to your backside? One procedure that is growing in popularity is called the Brazilian butt lift. With this procedure, you can achieve the body of your dreams.

There are generally four types of butt augmentation procedures.

  1. Brazilian Butt Lift
  2. Buttock augmentation with implants
  3. Butt lift with body lift
  4. Sculptra butt augmentation

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)

The Brazilian butt lift has gained much popularity over the last few years.  However, the term is misleading. The procedure focuses on enlarging the buttock. Fat is taken from an area such as the abdomen and flanks and injected into the buttock to sculpt it.  In turn, the addition of fat may appear to lift the buttock.  But the ultimate result is a fuller and perkier behind. More about this procedure can be found here.

Silicone Butt Augmentation

Butts can also be enlarged with silicone implants.  Because implants are prosthetic devices, it is always wise to use fat when one can rather than silicone.  However, some women and men don’t have enough fat to transfer to make a sizable difference in their buttock.  For this group, there exists two options: buttock augmentation with an implant and buttock augmentation with Sculptra (see below).

Body Lift Butt Lift

When men or women lose considerable weight their tissues can sag.  If a sagging buttock cannot be improved with a Brazilian butt lift, it may need a true lift.  With incisions that extend along the upper buttock, the buttock is lifted with the excision of lower back rolls. Plastic surgeons will often combine this procedure with a tummy tuck.  This is because loose skin is generally circumferential.  More on tummy tucks can be found here.

Sculptra Butt Augmentation

The last resort for buttock enlargement is with Sculptra. Sculptra is polylactic acid.  It is an injectable that can have permanent results.  Often, several sessions of Sculptra injection is required to enhance the buttock.  Since the product is pricey and it takes several sessions, the cost of a Sculptra butt augmentation is similar to the other methods.

For more on Brazilian butt augmentations please visit the FAQ page here.

For more on body lift butt lifts pleae visit the FAQ page here.


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