Is achieving a fuller, rounder butt at the top of your list of beauty goals? Lacking size and shape in the buttocks is a hard issue to overcome, since exercise offers limited results. Fortunately, with the Brazilian butt lift, we can help you achieve your aesthetic goals and the body of your dreams.

The Brazilian butt lift enhances your figure by using your own body fat to add size and shape to the buttocks. This is an excellent technique, because it results in sculpting of an area of the body where there is excess fat as well as enhancement of the buttocks. A significant amount of fat is used in the transfer, because many fat cells do not survive the process.

The procedure begins with defining one’s aesthetic goals. Often, photos are brought into the office to illustrate the perfect size butt.  If this is achievable, then the next step is to discuss how we get there.  But before we get to the nitty gritty of the surgery, it is important to stress one thing: One needs fat, a lot of fat, to get a big butt.

Many thin women have small behinds, naturally.  Well, a Brazilian butt lift may not be a reasonable option for this population.  Silicone implants can be considered, but they have their own set of potential complications that demand it’s own blog (or book chapter!)

To enhance the buttocks with fat, several hundred cc’s of fat is required, in most cases, to see a noticeable difference in shape and size.  This is because not all of the fat will live.  And, we cannot predict for sure how much fat will survive.  Thus, overcorrection of volume is the rule when it comes to fat transfer to the butt.

The real enhancement of a Brazilian butt lift is a result of two procedures:

  1. Addition of volume to the buttock
  2. Reduction of volume of the hips and lower back

If big butts are your thing and you have fat you’d like to remove, this very well be the perfect option for you.

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