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Dr Tim Neavin

Rib Removal Surgery in Santa Barbara

Rib removal is a complex surgery. The ribs are close to underlying organs. If not performed properly, there exists a risk of injury to organs. While most plastic surgeons can perform rib removal, they do not have the experience or level of training as thoracic surgeons in this region of the body. Likewise, while a thoracic surgeon can perform a breast augmentation, you probably wouldn’t want your lung surgeon doing it. That’s why Dr. Neavin is one of the top rib removal surgeons in the area.

Rib removal, also known as rib resection, or floating rib removal, has gained popularity in the last several years. Wasp waists and hourglass shapes have again become the aesthetic ideal. While in Victorian fashion this was achieved with laced corsets, today this can be achieved with surgery by removing the “floating” lower ribs, numbers 11 and 12.

Rib removal can accentuate the results of an abdominoplasty and Brazilian Butt Lift, also referred to as BBL. A BBL describes the augmentation of the buttock with fat. The combination of rib removal, liposuction of the waist and BBL is a powerful one. The results achieve the intense “S shaped” figure that has become highly desirable and “fabricated” with various body tuning Apps on various social media sites.

Rib removal involves the resection of the lower ribs that frame the upper abdomen. With the addition of liposuction to the lower waist and love handle, significantly slimmer waists can be safely achieved in experienced hands.

Dr. Neavin has teamed up with the renown minimally invasive thoracic surgeon, Dr. Alex Maremaneanu to safely perform this surgery with the smaller incisions and scars in the safest, possible manner.

Why Us?

Dr. Neavin & Dr. Maramaneanu are the perfect team to perform rib removal surgeries in Santa Barbara, California. A team of a cosmetic surgeon and thoracic surgeon provides both aesthetics and safety to the operating room for optimal outcomes. In addition, with Dr. Maremaneanu’s minimally invasive technique, scars can be minimized, as well as post-operative pain and healing.  To learn more about Dr. Alex Marmureau, please visit the following link

What ribs are removed?

Generally, the 11th and 12th ribs (and less commonly the 10th) ribs are removed.

Do the ribs grow back?

No. Once the ribs are removed they do not grow back. The results are permanent.

Is a rib removal safe?

Rib removal carries the risk of bleeding, infection, and injury to underlying tissues. Thus, it is paramount that it is performed by a skill team. Therefore Dr. Neavin has recruited a reknown, minimally invasive thoracic surgeon to join in the surgery. Dr. Maremaneanu has performed thousands of thoracic surgeries on ribs and has developed innovative approaches to reduce incisions and scars while making the surgery as safe as possible.

Where are the incision for a rib removal?

Generally, the resection of ribs involves a long scar along the backside of the chest or upper waist. Dr. Maremaneau and Dr. Neavin perform a minimally invasive approach to either limit the length of one incision per side or make 2 much smaller incisions. Smaller incisions result in smaller scar, less pain, and quicker recovery.

Don’t we need those ribs?

The ribs primarily function to protect the heart and lungs. The 11th and 12th ribs are lower than these structures and thus their removal do not make the lungs or heart more susceptible to injury. However, the floating ribs are an additional “barrier” to the viscera. Its protective capacity to the underlying structures is probably not that significant given their small size, location, and strength.


Given the complexity of the procedure, the price of rib removal (11 and 12) costs $25,000.

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