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Can My Butt Implants Explode if I Fall Hard Enough on My Tush?

Butt Implants

Can My Butt Implants Explode if I Fall Hard Enough on My Tush? This recent question that was presented to me came from came from Houston, Texas. Are you surprised? Houston is where silicone breast implants were concocted. There is an apparent predilection for Texans to be silicone savvy.

The Breast Implant Story

The breast implant story is rather interesting. The developing team was led by Dr Thomas Cronin, and a resident, Thomas Biggs (a fitting name wouldn’t you say?). The bodacious idea popped up when a fellow colleague, Frank Gerow, walked to the hospital blood bank.

During this era, the hospital had just stopped putting blood in bottles and started putting the blood products into plastic bags. While walking with a bag of blood, Gerow began massaging the item in his hand. Wouldn’t you? And then it dawned on him. “This feels like a breast”. Then, the rest is history.

Beginning of the Silicone Implant

The silicone breast implant was developed. However, butt implants are slightly different. Unfortunately, they don’t have the same massaging capacity as a silicone breast implant. While there was a time when silicone gel implants (like breast implants) were used, they had a notorious deflation and rupture rate.

And although butt implants are still made of silicone, they are typically a solid composite. So bursting really isn’t an issue with your typical silicone butt implant. You’re more likely to injure your gluteus maximus muscle than a firm silicone butt implant with a good fall.

And then there are the “wrong” ways to improve your buttock shape with silicone. There have been horror stories as recently as last year about unqualified people injecting silicone into the butt, and in some cases, leading to fatalities. This link tells such a tale of a woman putting junk in her trunk (link). A more common way (and still burst free) of improving the shape and volume of a tush is through autologous fat grafting. This is where fat is removed through liposuction from the hips, and then injected directly into the buttock to restore projection. The results can be fantastic fanny and long lasting, and it obviates the need for a prosthetic implant (silicone). Check out my blog here on the science of the beautiful butt.

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